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Transport and Store Your Warhammer Miniatures

If you have been playing Warhammer 40k for any length of time you have probably had to transport your army to where you are going to play and back home. Most 1000 or 2000 point armies can include many, many miniatures numbering anywhere from 50 to over a 100 miniatures! That can be quite a chore to get them to the battlefield safely and organized. In this post I will cover one simple solution to this problem that is both inexpensive and easy to execute.

The Secret is Magnets

In my opinion, the best way to transport your Warhammer miniatures safely is to use magnets. I will go over the process of how I created army transportation boxes that use magnets to keep you miniatures safe.

Organize Your Miniatures

This step will not only help you to keep you army organized but will help you when you go to deploy your armies. The best way to do this is to use Movement trays. Specifically, magnetic movement trays. These movement trays have spots where you can glue magnets to them. Here is an example of a magnetic movement tray:

This movement tray holds 10 miniatures with a base size of 25mm. This is perfect for a squad of 10 Astra Militarum Shock Troops. As you can see, there is a spot to glue magnets for each of the 10 miniatures. Also, underneath there are 4 spots for magnets.

The magnets on the bottom are used to hold the entire movement tray down in our transportation box.

Organize all the miniatures you want to store by squad and get some magnetic movement trays. If you are not sure what base size your miniatures are, check out our post on Warhammer Base Sizes.

Once you know what base sizes you need get some Magnetic Movement Trays:

After you have all your movement trays, you are ready to start magnetizing your miniatures.

Gather Supplies

First, we will need to gather everything we will need.

We will need the following:

  • Plastic storage bin

  • 5x1mm magnets

  • scissors

  • Magnetic Movement Tray

  • Super Glue

  • Magnetic Paper

  • Pen

  • Permanent Marker

  • Cutting Pad (Optional)

  • Paper (Optional)

The plastic storage bin can be purchased anywhere. Just make sure it fits a couple squads and is tall enough to fit your miniatures.

The magnetic paper can be purchased at any arts and crafts store. Make sure it has adhesive paper on one side.

Magnetizing Miniatures

You will also need some magnets to glue to your movement trays. Our Magnetic Movement Trays are made for 5mm x 1mm round magnets. Smaller magnets will work just fine as long as they are 1mm thick but they might not stick to our magnetic paper very well.

To ensure the magnetic poles are all facing the same way, I mark the top magnet of the stack with a permanent marker. This allows you to place the miniatures in any spot of the movement tray without worrying if the magnets will repel each other.

Put a small bit of super glue in the magnet location on the movement tray. Pull a pair of magnets from the top of your magnet stack.

Place the pair of magnets in the magnet hole in the movement tray that you just placed super glue in. Make sure the permanent marker mark is on top for each miniature.

Next, place a small amount of super glue on top of the magnets you just placed and stick your miniature on top.

Let the miniature sit for about 10 minutes while the super glue dries on both ends of the pair of magnets.

Repeat the process for the rest of the miniatures in the movement tray.

Finally, to finish up our magnetizing our miniature trays, glue 4 magnets to the bottom of the movement tray.

Now that we have finished magnetizing our miniatures and movement trays, we are ready to prepare our transportation box.

Transportation Box

The boxes we will use to transport our miniatures are inexpensive plastic storage boxes like the one pictured below. These can be found almost anywhere. I like to get the kind that are stackable so that I can carry my entire army.

Another thing we will need to finish our transportation box are flexible magnetic sheets. I use the kind with adhesive backing on one side because we are going to be sticking these to the bottom of our transportation box. You can find these at any arts & crafts stores like Hobby Lobby or even on Amazon. They are easy to cut to the right size to fit our transportation boxes. Coincidentally, that is our next step.

Measure and cut a piece of the magnetic sheet that will fit the bottom of your transport sheet. Next, peel the adhesive backing off of the magnetic sheet and apply it to the bottom our your transport box.

Now your movement trays will magnetically stick to the bottom of your transportation box.

You can now safely transport your Warhammer miniatures without worrying if they will break and as an added bonus they are already separated into squads!

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